Anonymous asked:

What program do you use to edit your videos? And if it isn't free, do you know any good free editing programs? Thanks x

CP And Me - A Tale Of A Trex Answer:

I just use Imovie on my mac book :) x


First tests for ‘No offense, but…’ 

left: Daniel Savage - Cripple

right: Daniel Savage - ‘Will you ever get better?’

The What’s Underneath Project: Jillian Mercado by Stylelikeu

Published on Jul 21, 2014

We asked model and editor Jillian Mercado to participate in our What’s Underneath Project because she bares witness to our belief that style
Is not about wanting to be someone else, 
Is knowing you are,
Is comfort in your own skin,
Is What’s Underneath.

This woman is such an inspiration to me as a disabled person and embodies exactly what I want to witness in the media more. Strong, confident, interesting and stylish individuals who happen to have a disability. She is so gorgeous!

wheelchair disabled disability chronic illness chronic pain


Comedian Josh Blue - Not sure what this is from but it has to do with a tribute to the US military - Hosted by Ron White

Really funny stuff

Gotta put one quote from this bit here

The thing you need to know about people with cerebral palsy. We don’t fold up well.. It’s like trying to do origami with plywood